For 2020, the Arizona Agua Fria Unit has scheduled a few electronic meetings. Rather than meet in person at the usual 9:30am time, an online, electronic meeting is held at 7pm. Be sure to check our meeting schedule to see whether the scheduled meeting is in-person at 9:30am or electronic at 7pm.

Some meetings may have downloadable material (PDF files, typically). See this page for download information.

If you already have the meeting application from RingCentral installed, you may join using this “Meeting ID” when prompted:
149 687 7329

You can attend the 7pm Wednesday electronic meeting in one of two ways:

  • Full participation allows you to view the shared presentation on your computer or mobile device.  I recommend joining 5-10 minutes early, or trying to join a day or two before the event, just to get through the (small) app/program installation process which facilitates your participation. Once you are connected to the meeting, you can use your speakers or headphones (computer or mobile device) to listen in and speak, or you also have the option of calling in by telephone.  More details here:
  • If you are uncomfortable with or unable to join the shared presentation mode with your computer, you can dial in by phone and participate by voice only.  You’ll miss out on seeing the meeting material as it’s presented, but you should be able to hear all of it.  More details on dialing in here:
    • With an iPhone, this link should dial the number and enter the Meeting ID with 1 tap:
    • Or dial the main conference number directly:
    • If you do not have a cell phone or access to free long distance, dial this local-Phoenix area number, which will transfer you to the conference call:  (480) 447-1881  then press option 9 (there is no prompt for option 9… just press 9 after you hear the announcement start)
  • For any of the above, you may need enter this “Meeting ID” when prompted:
    149 687 7329