The Agua Fria Unit is Online!

At their February 2019 meeting, the Arizona Agua Fria Unit membership voted to establish a Facebook page and a web site. We’re hoping to expand our outreach to the community of people interested in parliamentary procedures by jumping headlong into the 21st century!

Ray Harwood, unit Vice President, offered to establish and run the web site for the first year of operation at no charge to the unit on a trial basis. Ray does a variety of web site development using the popular content management system WordPress.

In addition to Facebook and the web site, Ray has established a mailing list where anyone interested in parliamentary procedures can join. Each person can “opt in” to receive any of the following message types:

  • Meeting Announcements — Anyone interested in attending AAFU meetings will be able to get a reminder message which includes the meeting date, time, location, topics of discussion, and the subject of the educational program.
  • Training Sessions — Announcements will be made about upcoming educational opportunities. The Unit is exploring ways to provide continuing credit training for teachers and other professionals who need some knowledge of Robert’s Rules of Order or other parliamentary training. Subscribing to this message type will keep you in the loop on this effort!
  • Quick Parli Tips — A couple of times a month, we will send out a couple of items with the intent of getting subscribers to learn a little more about parliamentary processes in “tiny, bite-sized pieces”. Nothing fancy, nothing heavy, but still educational… hopefully without making your head hurt! This message type will be very helpful to folks new to parliamentary procedures, and a nice review and refresher for those of you who have been doing this a while.

More message types may be developed along the way, and you’ll be able to opt in (or out) to each one at any time, directly from a link sent at the bottom of each message.

The motion has been made and seconded that you join the mailing list! If you’re in favor, click our list subscription page on MailChimp.

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