April 2020 Meeting

As you probably know, nobody meets in person any more! We were a little ahead of the curve, having already planned to have our April meeting at 7pm Wednesday evening April 8, 2020 – online!

If you are not a member of the unit, please contact one of the members for the meeting contact information. We will be using Zoom for this meeting, and there are new security procedures in place. You can use this meeting ID (411 989 184), but you’ll need the 6-digit meeting password to get in, which we are not publishing here to thwart would-be meeting crashers.

We highly recommend that you attend the meeting online with your computer or smart phone, to view the program presentation on how to use Zoom. Here is a link to a PDF file with information about the video, useful if you cannot attend the meeting, can’t see the program presentation, or just want a reference later on.

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