Arizona Agua Fria Unit

All local organizations are referred to as “units”, and typically associated with a state association and the national association.  Each chapter sets its own meeting time, elects its own officers, and typically conducts a variety of educational activities to help people learn about parliamentary processes.

Arizona State Association of Parliamentarians

ASAP is the Arizona state organization under which the Arizona Agua Fria Unit operates.  ASAP is part of District 8 of the NAP.

National Association of Parliamentarians

There are a number of national and international organizations who focus on parliamentary procedures, but the NAP is focused solely on Robert’s Rules of Order (yes, there are other parliamentary guides!).

AAFU Officers

Here are the current officers of the Arizona Agua Fria Unit.

  • Ray Harwood, President
  • Bonnie Ellis, PRP-R, Vice President
  • Barbara Horton, PRP-R, Secretary
  • Marie Frasca, RP, Treasurer