When do you meet?

Our meetings are on the second Wednesday of most months, September through May — though we do not meet in person during the  summer, in June, July, and August.

Our meetings are in the morning at 9:30am in the basement of the AmTrust Bank, at the corner of Reems and Grande in the city of Surprise, AZ.

We are working on establishing electronic meetings!  This would give everyone the opportunity to participate and learn – regardless of where you live.  Stay tuned!

What do you teach?

Our educational programs are always focused on some part of Robert’s Rules of Order.  Most of the time we cover material found in Robert’s Rules of Order In Brief, and book that is less technical and geared more toward the average person and beginners in parliamentary procedures.

Sometimes we do delve deeper into bigger definitive reference book Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised, which – at a hefty 800 pages – can be a lot like reading the Arizona Revised Statutes!  That’s why we often stick with the “Cliff’s Notes”-like In Brief book.

Do you have training outside of your meetings?

We do!  We have historically had one training session each year somewhere in the Surprise, AZ area, but we’re now working on developing classes for continuing education credit for those whose certifications require some type of parliamentary training.  Stay tuned!